Sunday, October 7, 2007

fiber bird

i recently acquired a new position at the museum. i am currently being detailed as a public programs assistant (and hopefully i'll be offered that position permanently - fingers crossed). as a programs assistant, i get the privilege of overseeing and staffing events at the museum. this weekend we brought in the fiber sculptor maria simonsson. she taught the workshop participants how to make fiber birds, and i got paid to basically join the workshop. it was a lot of fun. below are images of my fiber bird :)

the birdy's unwrapped body
birdy wrapped in cloth - awaiting the stitching...
the finished birdy - with feet and tail-feathers!


d. said...

Bitchface! You didn't tell me you were blogging again.

Now you're on my Shit List. Right next to the state of Utah.

Kt said...

i haven't really told anyone. i was working on having a base of posts first. and making things pretty. and it is just my crafty crap anyway... calm down.

d. said...


Also, your picture is toolish.

Laura said...

i found you!