Tuesday, February 5, 2008

cookin' with laura. way better than julia.

i went to nyc this past weekend to visit some friends. i stayed with ms. laura (a friend from my cornell days) in her new brooklyn apartment. her boy was gone for the weekend (how dare his work send him to las vegas???), so we had a lovely girls' weekend. we slept in on saturday morning, and then i offered to make brunch (are you really surprised?). laura hit up the grocery store while i showered, and the following is a photo-documentary of our process.

laura turned out to be an excellent sous-chef. here you can see her removing the shells from the eggs i asked her to beat...
laura's grocery run landed us some fresh scallions. the whites were sauteed and the greens were added in the end for color.
our workspace.
sauteed scallions and ham. mmm.
after beating the eggs (with water rather than milk - a cooking tip provided once upon a time to me by the brother) laura added a some fresh ground pepper.
i added the eggs to the sauteed ham and scallions, threw in some shredded cheddar, and sprinkled a bit more pepper - and a little salt.
the eggs were paired nicely with a couple of croissants laura picked up (croissants that went delightfully with the raspberry jam and honey set out).
and here you can see how the greens of the scallions add a flash of color to the dish. perfect meal to start the day.


Laura said...

YUM! Too bad we didn't pack some TO GO!

I had so much fun--I'm sad it's over. We need to make visits a tradition.

Laura said...

Look at your hair! Gorgeous!

I have to figure out how to add your blog to my links.