Friday, March 28, 2008


easter came around, four days after my birthday, and i was feelin' festive. so, i decided to invite a few peeps over to the 402 for a brunch. i pulled out all the stops. we had mimosas, bloody marys, pumpkins scones, mini fritattas, roasted herb poatoes, and banana nut muffins with cream cheese frosting. there was also a bowl of dark chocolate peanut m&m's, a basket of banana chip with cream cheese dip, baked french toast (from linds), and birthday cake (also linds) on the spread. needless to say, i had some very happy and very full guests :)

bloody mary accessories. celery salt is key.


ham and swiss, bacon cheddar, and spinach-tomato-parmesan

taters, precious.

the banana chips were a fun additive.
mmmm... muffins!

if you want recipes, comment or something. all were altered somewhat, but mostly from food network and of course, martha.

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d. said...

I think my secretary heard me laughing the second I read, "taters, precious."

Hooo boy, that was good stuff.