Friday, April 18, 2008

open house at work... ?

on tuesday we had an open house at work. this involved each department creating set-ups showing what they do (to educate the other departments, etc). it was tedious (and pretty much a HUGE waste of time), but it was fun overall. i, of course, made some cookies for the occasion. that really isn't part of my job description, but everyone knows i have a baking obsession - so it was only appropriate. i made two selections from my new cookie cookbook. chocolate charms (which had no good images to share - boo) and chocolate thumb-prints a la martha style. according to martha, you don't push chocolate kisses into the center of the cookies, you create a molten chocolate sauce and drizzle it into the center divot of the cookie. this was an interesting process. and i ended up with a lot of extra chocolate. the recipe said i'd make something like 4 dozen cookies, and i didn't. and i sure didn't make BIG cookies, so i don't know how that worked out. so to use up that chocolate (can't let it go to waste), i dipped the bottoms in chocolate too. they were quite tasty! next time i might skip the chocolate sauce and use kisses - making for some super easy cookies.

the recipe

some sugar and butter - whipped!

dry ingredients - sifted (or whisked in this case)!

my results. and mysteriously enough, two of them were missing the next morning... either we have large cookie stealing rats in my building, or raf thought they looked tasty too - either is a fair hypothesis :)

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