Monday, May 12, 2008

baby blankets...

being spring in all, it is baby season. my cousin ryan and his wife had a little girl at the end of march, my friend paul and his girl friend had a little boy earlier that month, andrea and steve (former co-workers) had a little boy recently (in addition to that, i have a cousin with a pregnant girl friend and a cousin with a pregnant daughter - these are the type of babies that are, er, surprises more than anything) - so many babies!

usually i make a baby blanket in celebration of births, but not always. i have found myself uninterested in crocheting lately (gasp!), and that effects my production - obviously. so i have been giving gifts (e.g. i chipped in for mariano's shwanky stroller with the other cornell kids), but i don't like it. it isn't that i mind buying gifts (it isn't a money thing - i spend the equivalent in yarn), but i like creating something that will be put into a box of keepsakes. a box that will be opened much later in the child's life to tell them the story of their infancy, and then perhaps even passed down to the next generation (whoa nostalgia).

anyway, i'm trying to knit a baby blanket. it is going very slowly, and the intended receiver is due next month. he might not get it... but i'd like him to have it. it is going to be red, white, and blue - but not patriotic. who knows. i've never knitted more than 1/2 an ugly sock and several pot holders - so don't hold your breath. this is what i got so far:

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