Tuesday, July 1, 2008

jewelry - my new thing

for work i had the opportunity to bring in a couple of jewelry designers to teach workshops for the traveling exhibition at the gallery. here are some of the beaded jewelry pieces i have made since. jewelry making is addictive and pricey. i went to bedazzled in dupont the other week and dropped close to $50 on beads, wire, and findings. sheesh. once i get some examples of my paper jewelry photographed, i'll share those too :)

this one is a necklace made out of shells

these are shell-like beads i crafted in to a necklace and bracelet set. don't really like the necklace though... i wear the bracelet a lot, however.

earrings, pendant, and charm-like bracelet.

pretty, dangle earrings.

no worries, more to come.

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