Saturday, October 11, 2008

a little too big...

so i attempted to knit my first hat (i rock the crocheted hat). it was, um, and interesting experience. and it took me forever to complete. i don't even know how long ago i start this one. i found it in my yarn basket and decided to finish it off. when i was sick last week, i needed something to do while i was occupying the couch. knitting fit the bill.

as you can see in the pictures below, i need to work on size... i suppose that had to do with me making the hat a little bigger than the pattern called for. but, i have a really BIG head. it only made sense that i make this hat a little larger to, er, compensate for my mucho grande cabeza (ok, so it has been awhile since i've used my high school spanish...).

who needs to see, anyway?

i guess i could alway roll it up...

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