Friday, July 3, 2009

the power of bacon...

i was watching some late night food network t.v., and there was this special on bacon. they had various chef's talk about their favorite ways they like to eat bacon. well, ted allen started talking about this blt he had once from a french place. and then i watched the french dude make the blt. i craved bacon and specifically blts for days after that.

well, i had a wide open night last night and decided to satisfy that craving. i got some amazing peppered bacon from the grocery store (and it was on sale - oh yeah!) and got to work. they dude on t.v. made his own mayonnaise with fresh rosemary and garlic. well, i cheated and chopped dried rosemary with black pepper and garlic salt and combined that with the mayonnaise i had in the fridge - which was the olive oil kind they have in the store now.

i slathered some toast with my mayo concoction, piled on lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, and a little smoked gouda. i slow fried the bacon and put that in the sandwich last. sooooo good!

then, THEN - as if this wasn't enough - i decided i needed to use more of the bacon. so i made mac 'n' cheese with bacon! omg, delicious. and mind you, i do not like mac 'n' cheese out of a box. i have to have it homemade and baked with crispy-crunchies on the top (and that is just what i created). i used flour, dry mustard, and pepper with milk and butter to make a base. i think added gouda and sharp cheddar to the mix. i used about 8-10oz of elbow macaroni (boiled to al dente and drained) with a little bacon grease in the pan and mixed in the cheesy mixture. i then poured it into a baking dish, crumbled bacon on top, then topped with sliced tomatoes and whole-wheat saltine crumbles. i baked it. and then i ate it. (well not alllll of it, hello, i'm not a heffer). and it was good. no, great!

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