Thursday, December 15, 2011


top: shaker lemon pie (altered martha recipe)
bottom: pear-cranberry pie (i made it up)

these are little pies (the pie plates are six or eight inches - i'm not sure exactly).  the lemon was a 1/2 recipe from the citrus shaker pie recipe from martha's pie and tarts cookbook.  i only used lemons though.  the other, i used two pears and two handfuls of cranberries (frozen), two tablespoons of brown sugar (i ran out of white), a few tablespoons of flour, and a splash of oj.  that's it.  it was baked for a long time - maybe 60 to 75 minutes - at 375.

i haven't tried them yet... they are for a party i'm going to tomorrow night.  if they taste like crap, i'll post an update.  and if there is no update, just assume they were awesome :P

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