Tuesday, September 18, 2007


basically, i want to blog again. unfortunately, i don't really have the time. so i'm going to try something a little bit different. i generally make the time to do various creative projects (it really is the martha stewart in me trying to get out), and i tend to take pride in their completion - when and if i do actually finish them.
anyway, i decided to blog about my projects, whatever project it might be. i'm thinking that i'll post about everything from my culinary experiments to my grandma habits (er, my afghans). i think some of my projects will be one time posts (i.e. when i try out a new recipe), and others will be posted in series or segments (because it takes a long freakin' time to crochet a blanket - and even longer to knit one; ooo... just wait till i learn how to knit mittens and socks!).

i guess in progress refers to my projects - as i always have something "in progress" - but it also refers to this blog in general, as it will never truly be finished. it will always be progressing. and i suppose we could consider in progress to refer to the author as well - that is to say, me.

so here i go.

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