Monday, January 28, 2008

decorating the apt.

it all started with an art project i did months ago. i decided to create a something for the apartment out of a picture of myself and my three roommates. we took this pic on st. patrick's day.

and this is what i created... it is above our mini fridge and liquor cabinet. the following images are part of the larger art project i made for the wall above the couch.

classic raf pose.
mike is getting ready to superman dat ho...
i had to cut this guy out of dave's image.
and i tried to make my hair a bit darker to match my current hair color rather than my photographed color.
and that's the finished product. just image a hideous pink and green plaid couch directly under it... ;)


Laura said...

Katie, those are AWESOME!

Not sure if I'm going to RECOGNIZE you when you get off the bus!

Kt said...

well that's silly - i look almost exactly the same as the last time you saw me 3 1/2 months ago!

and thanks! the boys like the art project a lot :)