Saturday, January 26, 2008


i don't like sweet potatoes.
i just don't.

why do i have a surplus of sweet potatoes in my kitchen then? because they won't stop delivering them to me! ack! who is this "they" i speak of? the "they" is the produce company that delivers me bi-months boxes of fruits and veggies. i have sweet potatoes on my "do not deliver" list, but for some reason they keep bringin' 'em. oh well, when life give you lemons...

however, i also do not like squash, but i love pureed squash soup. mmm... so good. so i thought to myself, "self, what if you found a recipe for pureed sweet potato soup? perhaps it could be as delicious as the pureed butternut squash soup you made a few months ago..."

so i listened to myself and googled a lovely recipe for a soup. per usual, i tinkered and changed it according to what i had available in the kitchen of the 402. below are the results. not too bad, but a little heavy on the cloves. note to self: ground cloves are effing strong!

after cooking the onions (and garlic - i added that and subtracted celery, not that i don't like celery, but i didn't have any handy) i added the potatoes (russets too) and broth to boil then the blender.

ready to eat :)

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