Thursday, March 6, 2008

leap day festivites

in honor of leap day, my office decided to have a little celebration. we all brought in goodies to eat and drink, and i used my "crafty abilities" to dream up an appropriate craft activity for the celebration. we decided to theme the day around "leaping", so i investigated animals that leaped. during my research, i found origami patterns for bunnies and frogs. the bunnies were pretty lame, but the frogs rocked. the pattern was for super jumping frogs, so when you pushed down on their butts, they hopped (or leaped, if you will) forward. it was a lot of fun. here are some pix of the creations.
i made the pink one (i think). the other 2 were created by georgina and laurel. since they don't hop or anything, they just got stabled to the wall of my cube.

here and the jumping frogs that i made :)

i then added a couple of the other frogs left on the office conference table to my two and created a line-up of sorts on the upper ledge of my cube. i'm the envy of the office, as you have surely guessed...

while we were folding, bob (the one guy in the office who has been here for 40 years!) sat down at the table and started folding paper cranes. apparently he use to live in japan and became an expert!

i turned his "flock" into a mobile for the office. laurel (you can see her in the previous single crane picture) jumped up on the table and attached it to the ceiling. it is quite the site!

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