Tuesday, March 4, 2008

mmm... pork

in an effort to create something new and different for dinner, i once again began an experiment. i looked up pork chop recipes online (you know my thing for pork...), and there were recipes for breaded and baked chops. i had a few in my freezer (thanks to my papa - some seriously good iowa chops!), so i decided to defrost them. then i needed to figure out what to bread them with. the breading guide i found said to coat the chops in flour, then dredge them in egg, and then roll them in crumbs. as i was digging around my kitchen, i found a bag of pretzels (special extra dark) and i had an ah ha moment. i put pretzels and saltines in my food processor and made an extraordinary coating. see below. mmm...


the chop.

coated and crunchy and delicious!

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