Sunday, May 18, 2008

baby berry pies

the other day at the office, my co-worker loo decided to send me a link to some pretty delicious looking miniature pies. and since when am i one to turn down a baking challenge (well, it was less of a challenge and more of a request... whatevs). i had some dough left over from my last experiment, so i thought what the hell, right?

last night i made raf and i light desserts consisting of angel food cake, whip cream, black berries, and blueberries, and i had some berries left over - just enough to whip together some filling! i once again googled pie fillings and found something i could work with.

the entire time i was attempting to bake, i was being pestered (and as i'm typing this, i'm being told of the deliciousness of my unattractive creations - see below for the aesthetic disappointments...).

first i rolled out the dough and cut nice, neat little circles.

then i fit the circles into a muffin tin just like the original blogger did.

i whipped up some filling. looks gloopy, but tastes fantastic!

then the gloopiness was put into the li'l crusts.
here they are lookin' all cute (pre-baked) with little star and heart ventilation cut-outs (and extra crust filling spare space - i love plain baked crust bits).

freshly baked and slightly erupted... making them a bit unsightly :(
close-up of three of the better ones. the lattice top worked well (noted to self), and the front one is suppose to be a heart...

the best of show.

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