Friday, August 1, 2008

pork, the totally under-appreciated other white meat

probably sometime in april or may i realized that i lived only 2 blocks from rocklands bbq. i was most excited to discover this. as many know, pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorite things [insert julie andrews - esque hum here]. unfortunately, it isn't healthy for the figure or pocketbook to frequent a bbq joint, and let's face it - i don't need to subject either to that unhealthy habit.

so i mentioned to a friend at one point this summer that loved rocklands, and we should go. he agreed, but also threw out the idea of making our own pulled pork. whaaa-aat? mine own? that sounded difficult. and a little scary. what if i couldn't pull it off? i mean, i would totally ruin my reputation if i could conjure up a delicious batch of shredded pork.

but it was too late. the culinary wheels in my mind had already started to turn, and the googling soon followed. so many recipes, where should i start? some called for vinegar and some cloves and others immense amounts of sauce. there was carolina, texas, and kansas city bbq styles to consider. how was a girl to choose?

so. overwhelming.

pork overload? almost.

i decided that the recipe i should work with should be simple (this was my first attempt, you know) and require a short shopping list. then, one day while perusing taste spotting i found it. a delicious and simple recipe courtesy of bread & honey.

here you can see the pork butt after 9 hours of cookin'

here it is, out on a baking sheet - mid-shred

a small piece of deliciousness

on a bun with some jack daniel's bbq sauce - and a side of spicey slaw (you can't have pull pork sandwiches without slaw!!)

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