Saturday, November 8, 2008

english tea party

my former boss, now colleague, is running off to toronto this week to get married. her and her sweetie of several years are eloping. cute, huh? anyways, our office decided to throw her a little pre-wedding party. being that she is from england, we though a tea party would be only appropriate. we even wore hats. large, silly hats. it was delightful. and, of course, i baked for the event :)

one night i was pretty bored and my kitchen was lookin' bare. but i wanted to bake something. i found a box of jiffy and perused the bake to assess what types of goodies one could concoct (other than pancakes). there was a recipe for sugar cookies, and i tinkered with it a bit. it wasn't too bad. but it was very simple and plain. for the tea party, i decided to add some additional flare - kick 'em up a notch.

basically i made the jiffy sugar cookies, added a bunch of flour and some sour cream, tossed in 2/3 a bag of fresh cranberries, and used lemon extract instead of the vanilla the recipe called for. then i whipped up some lemon flavored glazed to drizzle on top. peeps like them. i called them scones and told no one about the jiffy :P

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