Tuesday, November 11, 2008

poor baby wanted pumpkin cheesecake...

but that's not what he got. heh.

my friend broke his ankle this summer and had the screw temporarily placed in (ew) removed recently. he was laid-up for awhile, so i told him i'd bake him something to easy the pain. haha. anyway, he seemed to think he was going to get a pumpkin cheesecake, but that shit takes a long ass time to make. i've been working a lot lately - lots of programs at the museum, don't cha know - so i didn't have the time to invest in a cheesecake. so i decided pumpkin cookies would have to do. and they did. he even tossed out the pumpkin scone he was munchin' on when i presented the bag. but i mean, who wouldn't.

i forget where i got the recipe. oops. ya'll will just have to deal (you know, the whole 4 people that read my blog...).


d. said...

It looks like Mikey got X-rated on your cookies. FYI.

Kt said...

ok, inappropriate.
that was a delicious white chocolate drizzle. it really complemented the flavor and had absolutely nothing to do with any x-ratedness!