Sunday, November 16, 2008

my daddy caught me some fishes!

when i was last in iowa visiting the folks, my dad spent a couple of hours fishing and brought back several bass and a blue fish. he then proceeded to gut and clean the fish. since my parents' freezer was already well stocked, he let me take them back to dc. i finally got around to thawing them out tonight.

i fried the fish after coating them in an oatmeal and pecan mix. i based this concoction off of this recipe.

and of course i needed a side dish. here you can see the deviled cauliflower i threw together. good thing i forgot about the cauliflower from my produce box last week. and who knew this funky little veggie had such a long (refrigerated) shelf life?

of course i fed this meal to my boys (roommates), and i told them they could eat it if they rooted for the cowboys tonight (my team!) rather than the red skins... but they aren't really holding up their side of the bargain. here's hopin' for a win - GO COWBOYS!

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