Sunday, November 23, 2008

mango muffins?

i decided to bring some muffins into the office, but the problem with that - finding ingredients. i had all the basics - sugar, flour, etc. - but i didn't have any good flavor additives. i did have a mango, leftover from my produce box, but how the hell was i going to incorporate that into a muffin recipe? huh?
well, all you ever have to in this type of scenario is google what you want to make - no matter how bizarre - and see what's already been done. so, that's what i did. i googled mango muffins and eventually stumbled upon this recipe.
unfortunately, i didn't have enough mango pulp to pull it off. i only had one mango. so i got... creative. i also had some honeydew melon cut up in the fridge that i was eating at a glacial pace (let's be honest, while i hate cantaloupe/musk melon, honeydew is just a step above tolerable). so i took out my teeny-tiny food processor (i'm sure i've mentioned this adorable gadget, right? it purees about 2 - 2.5 cups of food at a time...) and pulsed the mango pulp and honeydew. i then dug out a bag of shredded coconut from my cupboard (i almost always have a bag of coconut on hand - the shit is good, what can i say) and dumped half of it into the mix.
after my creations were baked, i had them tested before i brought a full batch into work. i got mixed reviews. a little too subtle, apparently. so i slathered them in cream cheese frosting, because let's be honest, when has well prepared cream cheese frosting ever hindered a baked good? (yeah, that's what i thought, too.)
i brought them into the office with a batch of cranberry lemon muffins too. i didn't take home any leftovers...

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