Thursday, January 8, 2009

elvis would have been proud

the powers that be at the museum decided that we should have our holiday staff and volunteer appreciation day on elvis' birthday this year - hence an elvis theme was adopted (we even had an elvis impersonator there)... this wasn't so bad, since it themed the catered food towards southern comfort food (delish). i, however, was tapped to create a cake in the shape of a guitar. apparently elvis had a guitar birthday cake one year, and the planning committee wanted to recreate that. word in the museum spread, and people knew that i baked things (is this good or bad, i don't know). anyway, after three boxes of red velvet (yes, i know, boxed cake mix, sigh), 4 packs of cream cheese, several sticks of butter, an entire bag of powdered sugar, six dum-dum lolly-pops, and some food coloring...

this is the end result. a hunka-hunka cake of red velvety goodness. man, someone needs to, like, hire me. right?

1 comment:

Kendra said...

Pretty impressive my friend. Perhaps you and Shawn should go into business together?