Sunday, January 11, 2009

perhaps i'm too nice for my own good

when my bananas get gross and brown, i stick them in the freezer. my roommate complain about this, because they "look gross" to them. apparently dave and raf saw two particularly "frightening" bananas in the freezer the other night and put an "expiration date" on them. basically i had to use them or lose them within one week.

well, no one told me about this, and without knowing, i baked a batch of oatmeal banana muffins with cream cheese frosting for the roommate for breakfast that weekend. i told them all to eat-up when they eventually woke up (in the middle of the afternoon), and raf seemed particularly suspicious. why was i being so nice? was this because of what he and dave were discussing? i had to get mike to decode for me. cryptic boys, they are (in yoda style).

anyway, sometimes they just don't deserve me and my culinary wonders.

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