Wednesday, October 28, 2009

birfday cheezecake

tuesday was my man's birthday, and to help him celebrate, i made him a cake - a cheesecake! he told me a couple weeks back that he liked plain cheesecake best, but when have i ever just done a plain anything? yeah, that is what i thought too. so i thought on it a bit and decided to combine a cheesecake with another dessert i knew he liked - apple crisp. i did a bit of googling, and below you can see the spectacular results. it really was a tasty number!

if you want to attempt to replicate it, check out the recipe i used here. i did, however, find the texture to be a bit off. it wasn't as dense and creamy as i would have liked. i also had to bake it for a very long time (an additional 20-25 minutes). this may have been due to the fact i used a pan that could have been a bit larger... also, the recipe calls for brown sugar with the cream cheese and sour cream to compliment the topping. perhaps using regular sugar would have improved the texture... who knows. it's not like it was bad. off texture or not, the cheesecake was damn good :)

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Kendra said...

Do you want to live in my house and just bake me stuff? I could pay you in ginuea pigs.