Friday, October 30, 2009

i won the entire office pizza today...

well of course i had help - but i was the team leader and ended up doing quite a bit of the work. anyway, i found a segment on martha's website that inspired me to try to do a hi-tech pumpkin. the idea was a witch's cauldron. we got fiber optic lights, colored christmas lights, and dry ice fog to give it a nice ambiance. we dressed up an old mail cart with a black table cloth, cut-up shower poofs, and rubber creepy-crawlers. to top it all off, we put a skeleton hand coming up out of the top... to make you wonder what really was cookin' in the pot!

anyway, i got to spend two afternoons at work on this (which was a fun change of pace). and, AND - i (i mean we) won! there were 8 other pumpkins (only 1 really provided any really threat), and we were decided the winner. so the property manager of our office building bought the entire museum lunch. bertucci's catered it, and we has 42 gourment pizzas delivered to our conference room today. it was sooooo good! there was enough pizza that i got to take a whole one home with me :)

happy halloween!

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