Monday, December 14, 2009

d + t - finally done!

my best friend got married in august (i was the his maid of honor). i decided a long time ago (before he even proposed to his girl) that i wanted to make him a really awesome afghan - not just any afghan, but one that would be fought over. you know how there is a specific blanket, pillow, or throw you prefer to snuggle up with when you lounging on the couch, reading a book or watching tv? well, i wanted this afghan to be that blanket. so, part of the reason why i was so late in getting the gift to the newly weds was the yarn selection. i went to a couple different yarn shops and found nothing i even remotely liked. i was looking for a yarn that felt smooth and soft. i'm pretty sure i remember my friend mentioning that he didn't like afghans because of the texture. and i get that. i don't like crocheting with cheap yarn, so why would you want to snuggle-up to a blanket made out of cheap yarn...? it all makes sense.

so i finally found a mirco spun yarn that i liked, but the store didn't have enough of the colors i wanted. so i had to figure out a way to get it online. it was a little tricky guess-timating how much yarn i'd need. this was a lighter weight than i was used to using. it also took a little longer to make for that reason. luckly, you supposedly have a whole year to get a couple their wedding present (and it only took me four months - i'm like ahead of the game).
here she is, the finished project. it is really much more of a throw than a full sized blanket. i didn't follow a pattern (since i can't really read patterns), i just made it up as i went a long. i decided to work with the yarn and let the blanket have a spontaneous feel to it. each large section of color (horizontal and vertical) was a skeen of yarn. when i used up a skeen, i just switched to another color. the thin strips of green were random. i just made a couple of rows until i got tired of it and switched.

i used three rolls of green for the border. one on each short end and a third to go all the way around the blanket a few times. and i think the stich i used was a single crochet? nothing fancy. i really liked the uniform look it created.

finally, i decided that the blanket need a little something more, being that it was for a very special occasion. the couple used this cute design (d+t in a heart - or maybe it was t+d, whatever, too late now!) in a few of their wedding elements (cake topper, inviations, etc.), so i worked it on to the corner of the blanket. a little tricky, but i think it turned out ok!

and i found out that it arrived this past weekend :)
and they used it :)
and they liked it :)

mission accomplished!

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