Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this should be an onion article...

i was invited to an ugly (holiday) sweater party this past weekend. you know the type - everyone has been to or heard of these. thankfully, this party was self-contained (no embarrassing trip to the bar in an ugly sweater to dread).

anyway, i went to goodwill to find an ugly sweater - and you know what? there weren't any (well there were plenty of ugly sweaters, but none that were holiday themed)! it think the popularity of these parties over the years has caused people to hold on to their ugly holiday sweaters. it really is a shame, and i feel let down.

but that didn't stop me! i picked up two 80s style turtlenecks and picked up some supplies from walgreens. the photo below, i think, speaks for itself :)

happy holidays all!

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