Sunday, January 10, 2010

your burritos are bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

my friends lindsay and nate invited me (and mike) over for tacos! muy bueno! since i'm mostly opposed to showing up empty handed (and i knew mike would grab a bottle of vino), i decided a dessert was in order. i couldn't think of anything i could whip up with what i had on hand (it was cold outside, so i wasn't about to go to the story - who does that :P).

so after some googling, i found a recipe for chocolate banana burritos. it was certainly not authentic, but it worked.

first i needed to make a basic banana bread batter.

then i spread the batter (that i added coconut to).

sprinkle chocolate chips...

roll the tortilla with the goodness inside and place in a greased baking dish,

and then i spread the chocolate on the top. my chocolate didn't work out so much. it was too think and not drizzly. but i spread it (it was thick) and baked it anyway. i didn't picture it with the powdered sugar on top - it looked a lot better that way. right now it looks a little like poo. but i promise it was tasty. :)

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