Monday, January 11, 2010


we celebrated mlk jr.'s birthday (a week early) at the museum this past weekend. i didn't actually work at this family day, but i helped figure out the craft activities. i found a hand print wreath activity somewhere on the interwebs (sorry if you are the original creator of this craft and i'm not properly crediting you!). we translated it slightly to fit our theme and what supplies we could find. since we thought it would be really hard for a kid to cut out enough of his or her own hands for a whole wreath, we decided to order pre-cut hands. did you know that almost nowhere sells this? or if they do, they are pastel pink and blue and tiny? ugh. but, my colleague found some multicultural sets on oriental trading's website (the big ones in skin tones). and our friend at our partner museum gave us the little ones - which added a nice touch. kids were encouraged to make cut-outs of their own hands to add to the mix too. mine are the gargantuan pink ones... then we glued the on a paper plate and drew a world in the center. you know, the idea of many cultures united across the world sort of thing. very dr. king, we thought. kids could also cut the center of the plate out and hand it as a wreath. you know, whatever. anyway, i thought i would share.

photo by bruce guthrie

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Lori said...

This is really neat. I like it- I bet my kids would have fun making this.