Wednesday, February 24, 2010

if not, kendra said i'd be lame

ok, so this is not the type of blog where i would post about things that i do not related to making things, but kendra said i'd be lame if i didn't play along. i’m certainly not lame, so here it goes...

friday face-off (on wednesday night?)

i’m not big on a morning ritual. it takes me awhile to get ready in the morning because i’m usually tired. i move slow when i’m tired. other than that, i’m in to the minimal. first i have to know if i’m showering. that adds hair drying time, which takes awhile. no shower = more sleep, and i like sleep :)

so i usually get up in the morning and wash my face one of two ways, either hot water and a washcloth (no shower) or with mary kay facial scrub (shower).

ok, post wash, I moisturize. I used to use the mary kay moisturizer that goes with the scrub, but I ran out. now i use a clean and clear lotion. as long as my face isn’t dry and there is some spf in it, I’m good.

and right now, that is it (other than hair). lame, I know. but, I’m allergic to bing, so eye make-up is out. if I could wear make up, I’d curl my eyelashes and put on mascara – whatever mascara I happen to have. and then chapstick. so yeah, o’natural. haha. on a special occasion, I might don eyeliner and eyeshadow – but that is it. and a little cover-up if there is a big pimple. so that is it.

there you go kendra. i'll tag laura a. b. let's see if she isn't lame :P

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