Wednesday, March 17, 2010

not green, but distinctly irish

what do you get when you sandwich bailey's flavored butter cream between two slabs of chocolate guinness cake? you get a dessert worthy of st. patrick himself - that's what! now, i realize that st. patrick was a catholic dude that lived in the 400s (you can read about here), but i'm talking about the st. paddy we all (by we, i mean secular folk) celebrate with on march 17th.

anyhoo - i thought about making irish soda bread, and then i remembered that i don't really like irish soda bread. i contemplated baking something with green food coloring, but that wasn't ... creative (?) enough. so, i thought about the essence of secular st. patrick's day - drunken debauchery. and what alcoholic beverages are the unmistakable standards of the holiday (other than jameson - since i don't do straight-up whiskey since that debacle with jack when i was far too young to drink it) - well guinness and baileys of course :)

the result was a recipe that would make anyone shout the name of this dessert - whoopee!

frosting/filling -
one bag of powdered sugar
two sticks of unsalted butter
bottle of irish cream (i used the generic stuff)

beat butter until light and fluffy. alternately add sugar (by the cup full) and baileys (about 2TBS at time). i ended up using all the sugar and a lot of irish cream - prolly too much since you could smell the alcohol content in the next room. they were still damn tasty!

for the cake recipe, i used one for guinness cupcakes from chowhound. you can find it here.

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