Tuesday, August 31, 2010

takin' a leap

so, for some time now, my friends at work (and a few non-work related friends) have been trying to convince me to start an etsy shop and sell my handicrafts. well, i did it. i created a shop. there is nothing in the shop to buy yet, but the shop is there nonetheless. i'm waiting until i have a stock of things to put up there before i put anything up at all. i've started making these cute little felt monsters (separate posts on that coming soon), but they are already spoken for - belated baby gifts for some friends.

anyway, i also started a new blog with the same name as my shop. so anytime i craft something for sale, i hope to post about it on that blog. i will, however, link to all posts there on this blog. it sounds confusing as i type it, but it won't be. any no worries, i'll still post here too. when i bake a delicious pie, i'm not going to sell it - so i'll need somewhere to post about that, won't it? (it has nothing but a background right now that i'm not sure i'm even going to keep, so you'll have to wait for a link to it.)

i'm not sure why i'm writing this like i have some many followers. i know there are a few of you out there (and i greatly appreciate each and every one of you!), but maybe my etsy shop will be wildly successful resulting in lots of new readers??? (probably not, but i think this is going to be a fun new hobby.)

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Tara said...

good for you, Katie!! Let us know when you put stuff up there!!