Tuesday, December 14, 2010


oh my goodness, i have been behind in my posting.  i'm sorry to my three or four readers out there!  i promise to be better.  i taught a class this fall, and the put me behind in just about everything.  also, the jeffster and i took a trip to france for his R&R, and well, it was amazing!  and i was distracted thinking about it and preparing, so not much crafting happened.  hopefully you all can forgive me!
last night linds and i went to blush-n-brush in georgetown.  this is a place where you can bring in your own wine or beer to drink while they direct you on how to paint a painting.  i'm not a painter.  i've painted ornaments and different crafty things, but i've never painted a canvas before.  never.  hard to believe?  well, it is true.  (at least as far as i can remember.) anyway, i'm not a fan of my creation, but i suppose it is good for a first try. (it was supposed to look like this.)
in addition to my escapades in the painting realm, i made myself a new winter hat the other day.  the dc area got real cold real fast.  so i whipped up this little number when i had some spare time.  keeps my ears warm - and that's what counts.  (i am a fan of the little flowers too!)

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