Monday, December 13, 2010

monster love

so i forgot i had this post sitting in my drafts since october 10th!  wow, i suck.  anyway, i'm trying to catch-up.  something i recently started doing is monster making.  yep, monsters.  cute lovable, little felt monsters.
my friends jordan and britton received the first little guy for their little guy in october, so i thought i'd post a couple of pictures of my first creation (you'll have to wait to see the one i gave away - i'm hoping they send me pics of their little guy with him... we'll see).
here he is sitting on my 15" laptop - if you want scale. and that's right - he has 6 legs.  er, arms... whatever.
i gave him a little tail
just one big eye - to watch you with.  

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Kendra said...

That's a pretty cute monster! I love him!