Sunday, January 23, 2011

whoo hoo?

so i have been playing around with my new sewing machine for awhile now.  i procured some yards of felt from a nearby craft store, and you, of course, saw my monsters.  well, i decided to branch out and try some new designs.  this little guy i call a "hooter" - which may be trademark infringement, but i think i'm safe since the name is not exact.  right?  patent lawyer out there let me know, mkay?

anyway, i was actually inspired to make the plush little guy from a felt pin kit i saw in an oriental trading catalogue.  funny, huh? and i got the buttons for his eyes from a large bag of buttons that i inherited from a garage sale or something.  not sure i'm going to be able to find another pair quite that awesome.  i do know that i'll find a better way to incorporate a beak.  the one i gave him was a bit of an afterthought, and that is the only real regret i have.  might try to make him a wee bigger too...

he's a cutie.  i gave him to the other kati for christmas.  she seemed to be enamored by him - and i hope she still is.  makes a nice little pillow.

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