Friday, January 28, 2011

happy customer

my co-worker had a little baby girl over the summer.  she was born early, so it really isn't my fault the blanket wasn't ready when she arrived (i was working on a preset schedule that the baby did not intend on following...).

anyhoo - she is cute as a button.  i got to meet her at our department christmas party.  she has these big squishable cheeks and a little tiny nose!  and she was even cute when she cries.  her face get all scrunched up, and she'd make these adorable little noises.  i'm sure we pissed her off cooing and giggling when she was clearly in distress... oops.

meet shiloh (and her blanket):
snug as a bug in a rug katie made quilt
i gave her mom the bright colored quilt she has in the pictures below.  it was my first shot at quilting, and it was rather fun!  the back is solid fleece, so it is soft and warm.  perfect for wee ones.  i guess the wild colors are good too - apparently she likes to stare at them.  they must entertain her in some way...

baby booty!
i suppose the title of this post is a misnomer.  while shiloh is certainly happy as a clam with her blanket, she didn't buy it.  but i like to think some day i'll be selling my stuff on etsy - and their will be lots of little babies enjoying my quilts :)

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