Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cheesiest cake around

this thanksgiving brought on a cranberry kick. i love cranberries though. i'm not ashamed. not at all. but usually, i make a pumpkin cheesecake for thanksgiving. it is my way of mixing traditional with something a little more creative, a little more my style. but i thought i'd mix things up. my friends lindsay and nate were having me over for thanksgiving dinner (since i couldn't afford to fly home to iowa for the short holiday), and linds said they were prepared to make a traditional pumpkin pie. so i took that as my go ahead to try out the cranberry cheesecake recipe i found thanks to epicurious! (note that i skipped the compote though.)

look at those beauties simmerin' on the stove top!

my graham cracker crust (with some added pumpkin pie spice to liven it up!)

here you can see the gorgeousness pre-baked. i used one of my roommate's chopsticks to swirl the layers, quite effectively i might add...

and the final product... a little dark, but delicious beyond compare!

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