Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cranapple pearberry pie

i said i was cranberry crazy!!! well, this is what you get when that happens :) basically i took this recipe (or it might have been one similar - i forget these things when i actually get around to blogging) and used 1/2 apples and 1/2 pears since i didn't have enough of either to get the job done alone.

for the crust, i used a variation of martha's recipe. 2.5 cups of cold flour and two stick of butter. margarine will work in a pinch. and i only add salt if the butter is unsalted. and i generally skip the addition of any sugar.

i also like to beat an egg and brush it on the top. then i use large grain decorating sugar (the white kind) and sprinkle the top. i've used sugar in the raw packets for this too, which has a similar effect.

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