Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what?! you altered MARTHA'S recipe???

yep, i sure did! and why not? i was flipping through my copy of martha stewart's cookies, and i found a recipe for double-chocolate cookies. it looked really good, but i thought to myself, "self, what would be better than double chocolate cookies?" at first i answered myself with "lemon bars," seeing as how i'm not that much of a chocolate person. haha. but i had already committed to cookies and chocolate ones at that.

so i asked myself again, and this time i answered, "triple chocolate pecan cookies!" mouthwatering ring to it, huh? so, i added white chocolate chips and pecans to the the batter and a little extra flour and got to work. they turned out pretty good!

since i added the extra flour, they didn't spread out, and i was able to fit all the cookies on to two baking sheets. i thought they were a little dense, so i kept them in for 15 minutes each - which proved to be too long. well, the first batch came out crispy/crunchy on the outside with a melty/chewy inside (exactly what i was going for), but the second batch turned quite hard - cooked the whole way through. this does not mean the second batch was bad by any means, it just means that they are best with a cup of coffee or other hot beverage to dip them in. anyway, i have made a mental note, and i will bake for about 13 minutes in the future...

givin' li'l martha a work out!

my work space...

the end product.
they were some BIG OL' COOKIES!

ps - my digital camera took a crapper on me earlier this year while i was in florida. sad, i know. so i have resorted to using the camera built into my cell phone (lg venus, if you were curious). not to shabby, i must admit. not great. obviously. but it gets the job done :)


d. said...

White chocolate is blasphemy.


Kt said...

seriously, there was PLENTY of chocolate in those cookies, even you would have liked them. But the PB&J bars i made (and need to post about) this last weekend were even better!