Sunday, January 31, 2010

the year of YEAST

so for some reason, i'm frightened of yeast. i'm talking about baking with yeast. i'm not sure why. it is just something i haven't tackled yet. i'm intimidated by it. so i have vowed (or resolved in the new year) to conquer this fear. of course i started with martha's baking handbook. it really is a great resource.

anyway, i started with a roll that looked pretty simple - which was important. i didn't want to go head first into something that would have been too much for me. so i made pizza crust. i didn't take photos, so i'm skipping to my second attempt - parker house rolls. to be honest, i didn't know what they were. never heard of them. but i whipped them up anyway. i also used a garlic herb butter rather than regular to make them fit with the lasagna i was simultaneously making. anyway, they seem to have been a success. you can try the recipe yourself here.

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