Tuesday, October 12, 2010

not so green thumb

so, i tried to be a gardener this summer.  the jeffster took me to get window boxes and soil back in may/june. it took me some time to get around to planting my seeds (i really should have started a long time before that), but eventually there was cilantro, cucumbers, and peppers.  the cilantro and cucumbers came up quickly, and i originally thought that the peppers were dud seeds.  well, the dc heat came and took out my cucumbers and cilantro - but it jump started my pepper plant.  i named the plant fernando (i have this thing where i name house plants), and he flourished in the heat.  but then the summer turned to fall, and the temperatures started to drop.  now it is october.  OCTOBER!  some stroke of luck sent a blast of warm air through this past week/weekend, and fernando sprouted fruit.  there are TWO PEPPERS on my pepper plant.  they are itty-bitty, but with any luck, i'll be able to eat them yet!

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