Tuesday, April 12, 2011

back in school!

whoa - ok, so i know it has been awhile, but i'm back!  let's hope i don't take another 4 month break, huh?  i had a lot going on!  the jeffster was on r&r at the end of february, before that i found us a new place to rent (yep, living with the boy!), and after his r&r i had to move into the new place.  now i am patiently awaiting his return from afghanistan, and while i do so, i am decorating our new place - a lovely little townhouse.  it makes me very happy!  and there will be many posts coming soon about my decorating endeavors (like the roman shades i just made for the bedroom!!!).

but, in addition to the house decorating, i have also signed up for a silk screen printing class!  once a week for 3 hours, i slave away in a studio with my teacher and 8 other students (ok, it really isn't slaving, but it can be hard work!).  on our first night, i was uninspired to create my first design (i didn't know we'd be printing immediately!).  so i made a funky cloud design and played around with the blue and silver paints.  you can see my tinkering below...
this is my screen after i made a pass with the the paint
here are the colors i used
and a finished print!
but it needed to dry, so it is hanging on the rack

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